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Thu Aug 31 19:06 - 51.5833 N 16.3942 E

Shrooms grow everywhere

Shrooms grow everywhere, in particular along the A-roads where there are a hundreds of people sitting at the side of the road trying to sell what they've found. Honestly, if I had stopped for everyone I'd loaded a twelve ton lorry by now. Shame shrooms by themselves hardly make a meal.
It makes you wonder how contaminated people are if the same custom went on after Chernobyl went off in 1986. Glowing Poles at the side of the road; and there is some cynizism in there, because poor and rich live in the same town but the poor wait at the side of the road and the rich buy their food. In Germany, people just went for them, where they grew, kind of a leisure activity or hobby. It is like travelling into an extreme, on the one hand everything looks smart and easy, and on the other crude and improvised. The most appealing side of it all possibly is to be found in the villages, where the farmer stands on top of the dyke watching the scenery and the geeze, giving me the ok to put up the tent for the night here in a sea of lush green grass right at the bank of the odra, guarded by some massive trees which give me shelter from the wind.
Where am I? Surrounded by the odra, actually river land with driftwood and other things reminding you of your fragile position, here my friends are the bats and the mosquitos my enemies. They are evil little things, they even try your nose and sting you from inside your skull.
Just before Zielona Gora I stopped for some food; on private land a friendly guy built himself some well built wooden huts (welsh-style, underground), offering an about twenty centimetre long saussage grilled over a make-shift grill, phantastic taste, phantasticly clever way of live. It is possible in Poland to improvise and get along. For example there was a sign attached to a tree, 'WC', pointing to the woods. Now try this in Germany...
Amazingly you can talk for an hour and a half without even be able to say one word in polish, and you end up laughing about a joke that you read from the fingers of your opposite.
I become more and more aware of the preoccupations the Germans spread about their neighbours, and true, there are rough corners, but it seems easy here bang in the middle of the countryside. The farmers so far were helpful and positive, the kids wave back when greeted from the bike, there are cows parked at the side of the house, all in all the clock ticks a bit slower right here. Now let's hope the Odra won't take me, camping in its marshland. But the farmers rarely have it wrong, and I'm not worried at all. Find the corners where people look at you rather than judge you at first sight. Then it seems you're home.

Einmal Pizza und Gott ist größer

Nur in Polen gibt es den katholischen Pizzaservice, mit Radio Maria und Gästen, die sich bekreuzigen bevor sie in den Döner beissen. Nie lekajcie sie! steht auf einem Poster mit gr0ßer Kerze und kleinem Papst.
Mütterchen steht mit gekrümmtem Kreuz im Äckerchen, in jedem Dorf scheint es die gleiche zu sein, im Blumenschurz und Kopftuch eigentlich wie schon immer. Auf den Straßen dominieren jetzt die 40-Tonner, nicht mehr die Radfahrer, dafür stampfen die Laster nicht nur die Straße selbst in Grund und Boden, sondern auch Füchse, was halt vor die Reifen springt.
Hier gibt es sie kaum, die Lethargie Ostdeutschland, das Gemotze Westdeutschlands und die generelle Unzufriedenheit. Der Wald zum Beispiel ist voller Menschen, an den Häusern wird angebaut und renoviert, Polen hält dem Althergebrachten und Bewährten die Stange und bewegt sich zeitgleich in die moderne Eurozone. Ich denke mir dann, in Polen geht es aufwärts, und Deutschland verharrt in Slogans, die im Jahresrhythmus wechseln: Durch Deutschland muss ein Ruck gehn, Impulse für Deutschland, Du bist Deutschland etc.
Es zählt was in den Köpfen ist, und was die Hände zuwege bringen. Sprüche weniger, und auch deshalb ist Polen vorne dran.


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Posted by Heiks on 2006-09-01 14:09:26 | #41

In poland the desire of freedeom hasl always been stronger than the fear of oppression. In Germany it is the other way round.
Grüße aus dem Orange-Press Lektorat. Keep it up!

Posted by anna-in-the-pocket on 2006-10-06 23:42:15 | #63

it's quite suprising to me that you found poland rather in a positive way. maybe it's just me that i can see this country from a different angle being actually's true polish villages are friendly and open but still, they are poor, dirty without prospects. i'd love to live in the country one day, but in a polish village if you are an individual you won't survive. either you follow their religious and political point of view or you need to move. what i mean is that being a passer-by is always more exciting than actually being a part of the community itself.